The application phase has ended. We are going through all the proposed solutions – stay tuned for exciting news!

Are you interested in participating in the Helsinki Energy Challenge, but need more team members? Or are you interested in otherwise networking with like-minded professionals? Join the Collaboration Platform discussions!

We believe great innovation is often the result of multidisciplinary collaboration and diverse teamwork. Therefore, while the Helsinki Energy Challenge is open to everyone across the world – startups, companies, research institutions, universities, individual experts, consortiums – in effect, anyone who can provide sustainable solutions to urban heating, we require that applicants join the Challenge as a team.

We have opened an online Collaboration Platform for the Helsinki Energy Challenge to support team formation and innovator networking:

All new users to platforms, please first register to the Platform: In case, you already have an account in some of the platforms, please send a chat message or email a note and you will be automatically added to the Helsinki Energy Challenge Collaboration Platform.

By joining Helsinki Energy Challenge Collaboration Platform, you will gain:

  • Access to discussion area reserved for individuals and organizations that want to find a team or offer a position in a team. Post your message and find the best talent and the winning team!

  • Visibility to your company or organization and for the products, services and solutions you can provide to the Challenge.

  • Access to a large network of other top experts (via Solved 6,000+ experts) 

Please note that this Collaboration Platform is used only for the communication among those who are interested to join the Helsinki Energy Challenge – not with the organizer of the Challenge. If you have a question for the City of Helsinki concerning the Challenge, please send it through the question form