The application phase has ended.

We welcome all different types of solutions to the Helsinki Energy Challenge. A competition entry might include several complementary solutions, or be a single solution with a significant effect on future heat supply.

All proposed solutions will be evaluated according to the same criteria:

Climate impact

The proposed solution significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions when implemented.

Impact on natural resources

The solution utilises as little biomass and other natural resources as possible.

Cost impact

The solution can be implemented and used at a feasible cost to the City and heat end-users.

Implementation schedule

The solution can be implemented and operational before 2029.

Implementation feasibility

The solution is technologically, financially, legally, administratively, culturally and ethically feasible.

Reliability and security of supply

Participants demonstrate how their solution affects the overall reliability of the heat supply and how it may contribute to potential risks.


The solution has a significant impact on the cessation of coal-fired heat production.

Note: In the first phase, when finalist teams are selected from among all applicants, the teams themselves will be evaluated, along with their preliminary proposals. In the second phase, when the winner is selected, only the proposed solution is evaluated.

For more detailed information about the evaluation criteria, see the competition program (31 March 2020 updated version) (PDF) section 3.5.