Going Deep 

EON Sweden: Kenneth Carlsson – Urban Norström – Per Rosén – Harald Andersson – Helen Carlström
E.ON SE (Germany): Christian Lorenz – Lennard Kropp – Markus Bücherl – Yelena Vorobey – Francois Perrevort
E.ON UK: Barry Shade 
E.ON Business Solutions Italia: Natallia Sharapina 
University of Helsinki (Finland): Ilmo Kukkonen
St1 (Finland): Hannes Haapalahti – Jarmo Laaninen – Kristian Savela – Liisa Joenpolvi
Microsoft (Germany): Oliver Niedung
Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) (Finland): Teppo Arola

We are now facing one of the most significant, urgent and complex challenges in history. Providing a carbon free and secure energy future requires action at all levels. The Helsinki Energy Challenge serves as a wake-up call, and the world is watching how an entire city will respond. Going Deep is an integrated solution, combining innovative energy sources, distribution, energy use and digital technologies. 

Our solution is built on multiple elements brought intelligently together into a circular economy concept. We combine proven, yet innovative technologies, such as enhanced geothermal systems, electric boilers and seasonal storage systems to keep the district heating as a backbone of space heating in the city. The heating system is combined into a large low temperature ectogrid with digital control & steering systems. It focuses on the reuse and recycling of energy through sector coupling with E-Fuels, balancing of residual thermal energy flows between buildings and integrating other waste heat sources. Our solution decreases both emissions and the overall energy consumption.

The installed capacity is estimated at 1.9GW and the produced heat volume follows the expected demand trajectory covering 5.2TWh/year in 2035. Coal plants will be gradually phased out in 2023-2029 and by 2035 no more fossil fuels will be used.  The key advantage of our solution is in its flexibility and scalability. The required capital investment is reasonable and proportionate, in particular when viewed against the operational cost savings. The digital solution also drives citizen engagement, giving citizens the insight and ability to change their individual contribution toward Carbon Neutrality. 

Our solution can be implemented in many cities large and small. The journey of creating the sustainable cities of tomorrow begins in Helsinki today.

Going Deep: The full competition entry  PDF

Media contact:

E.ON, Teresa Jäschke, tel. +49 151 51030303, teresa.jaeschke ( at ) eon.com
St1, Matti Pentti, tel. +358 50 048 8948, matti.pentti ( at ) st1.fi 
Microsoft, Oliver Niedung, tel. +49 8931765913, olivern ( at ) microsoft.com
University of Helsinki, Ilmo Kukkonen, tel. +358 40 577 1262, ilmo.kukkonen ( at ) helsinki.fi
Geological Survey of Finland,Teppo Arola, tel. +358 50 348 6688, teppo.arola ( at ) gtk.fi


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