Storengy (France): Philippe Aubry  
Newheat (France): Julien Metge
Engie (France & Belgium): Romain Donat  – Sandrine Bosso – Valentin Gavan – Jean-Baptiste Débonnaire – Albin Popot 
PlanEnergi (Denmark):  Daniel Trier 
AEE Intec (Austria): Ingo Leusbrock 
Savosolar (Finland): Laurène Mejean

HIVE’s solution means no more coal or gas to heat the city, so a better air quality for every inhabitant and much less CO2 emissions for the planet. 

How is this possible? Thanks to the Baltic Sea, one of the city’s key assets. With heat pumps, up to 50% of the city’s heat needs can be harvested from the sea. Solar thermal fields, thermal energy storages and district heating grid optimization are also part of the solution. Storages will buffer the heat load over the year, and back up normal production. 

Another positive impact of HIVE’ solution is the freeing of space in the city-centre, especially in Salmisaari and Hanasaari neighbourhoods. Last but not least, it is local, cannot be relocated and would require many local workers to be implemented over the next 15 years. 

HIVE’s proposal, a “baseline scenario” for Helsinki, is based on proven technologies and solutions. Sea water heat pumps, electrical boilers and solar thermal fields are the key new heat production assets to be implemented. In addition, substantial new heat storage capacity will be built, comprising of pit thermal energy storage and borehole thermal energy storage, to ensure both fast response and strategic level storage are adequate. HIVE’s solution features also steps towards operation of the heating network at lower temperature levels, both on supply and return side, which will make the system more optimal for the heat pumps. Finally, the solution includes demand side management measures. 

HIVE’s plan is flexible and capable of integrating new technologies or new heat sources if and when these emerge, and the roadmap (“baseline scenario”) until 2035 can be updated several times. 

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