The application phase has ended. 

Ready to join the Challenge? 

Apply now through the application portal:

All applications must be submitted by 30 September 2020 16:00 local time (Helsinki, Finland). Only applications submitted before the deadline through the portal will be accepted as entries to the Helsinki Energy Challenge.

All competition entries must be written in English. Submissions in other languages will not be accepted.

In the application portal you will be asked to:

  • Present each member of your team and their experience relevant to the proposed solution and within the energy sector, or, in developing/ implementing energy technologies/ systems .

  • Briefly present your preliminary idea and solution on how to decarbonise the heating of Helsinki.

  • Give more detailed information about your preliminary ideas and solution: your solution’s climate impact, cost impact,  implementation schedule and feasibility, reliability and security of supply, as well as capacity.

Once you have created an account in the application portal for your team, you can start filling your application whenever you like and finish later, keeping in mind the absolute deadline of 30 September 16:00 local time (Helsinki, Finland).

Please see the full Challenge competition program (31 March 2020 updated version) (PDF) for more detailed information about the process, including evaluation criteria.

The City of Helsinki expects that participants read the information provided in the competition program before submitting the application. 

Who can participate?

Helsinki Energy Challenge is open to everyone globally. We believe the best ideas can come from anywhere, and that great innovation often comes from multidisciplinary discussions and diverse teams. We therefore require teams to consist of at least two members and actively encourage large and more diverse teams. Team members can represent different organisations (start-ups, other companies, universities, research organizations, etc.) but may also be individual experts not representing any organisation. One person should be named team leader.

A minimum of three and a maximum of 15 teams will be selected to continue in the process and invited to the co-creation phase of Helsinki Energy Challenge.

Evaluation of the applications:

In the first phase, applications are evaluated from the following two perspectives: 

The team (3/10 points): (1) The team’s expertise relevant to the solution that the team proposes; (2) The diversity of relevant expertise represented within the team; (3) The team’s experience in the energy sector and/or in developing and/or implementing energy technologies/ systems.

The proposed preliminary plan/solutions (7/10 points): see the evaluation criteria.