What’s in it for Challenge participants?

Playing a part in solving a pressing global issue and winning one million euros …  

Joining the Helsinki Energy Challenge is a real opportunity to play a part in solving a pressing global issue and make a real difference to sustainability worldwide. But it is also an opportunity to win one million euros – the prize money allocated by The City of Helsinki for the Helsinki Energy Challenge winner.

… coaching and support to develop the solution…  

During the co-creation boot camp, finalist teams will receive more information and insights, as well as coaching, mentoring and networking to be able to further develop their ideas and solutions. Each finalist team will receive 10,000 euros to fund their work and continue elaborating their solution for the Helsinki Energy Challenge in greater detail. In addition, travel expenses to Helsinki for the boot camp, will be covered for a maximum of three team members per team.

… and the possibility to scale up 

The Challenge winner is announced November, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. On the contrary, that is when decisions on next steps are made, which may mean more opportunities for the winner. Thus, the ultimate value of winning the Challenge can be far greater than the prize money.

Since City of Helsinki is committed to sharing learnings and solutions with other cities, participants are provided a unique opportunity to gain visibility, networks and business opportunities in other parts of the world, with further development or scale-up as possible outcomes.