Smart Salt City 

SaltX Technology (Sweden): Corey Blackman – Eric Jacobson – Magnus Ekblad – Lars Croon – Michele Pressiani – Pankaj Gujarathi – Carl-Johan Linér – Nadia Amirpour – Boo Ljungdahl
Rebase Energy (Sweden): Ilias Dimoulkas – Sebastian Haglund – Mihai Chiru

Smart Salt City’s solution to Helsinki Energy Challenge melds the beauty of novel energy storage and artificial intelligence with commercially available energy technologies. We fashion a new energy system for Helsinki employing optimal system sizing, demand control and viable deployment strategies utilising novel thermochemical energy storage technology (EnerStore), artificial intelligence (AI) & optimisation tools. The storage unit is driven by machine learning-based energy demand & supply forecasts coupled with optimisations.

Our solution is based on incorporating electric heating technologies (heat pumps & electric boilers) with new wind and solar energy installations. The majority of the heat demand will be met by heat pumps, using a variety of heat sources, therefore the use of biomass can be decreased over time. Electric boilers and energy storage also play a substantial role in the energy production when heat pumps are not able to meet the demand. EnerStore, which uses abundant, recyclable, energy dense, nanocoated limestone-based material as storage media, is charged by surplus renewable electricity. The stored energy is then dispatched when needed, delivering substantial emissions reductions (90%) without breaking the bank. The discharge can be days or months later since this utility-scale storage doesn’t incur major thermal loss penalties. The discharged energy is in the form of high temperature steam (quality similar to coal boilers) lending to its seamless retrofit into existing combined heat and power plants. The proposed solution also includes a variant of EnerStore that allows for energy to be moved geographically, and to be used as a rechargeable and circular fuel. 

Guided by cost optimisation tools, existing plants are incrementally replaced by EnerStore reusing ca. 50% of existing equipment. Our solution can interoperate with existing or future technical solutions via open hardware & software interfaces in the district heating system. The optimisation engine estimates the marginal cost of heat generation at any time. Further, the combination of technologies and AI predictions are made to architect a secure renewables-based energy supply with redundancy and resiliency. 

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