Sustainable Heat Coalition

EIT InnoEnergy (Sweden): Sofia Gonçalves – Johan Söderbom
Heliac (Denmark): Jacob Jensen
ConnectPoint (Poland): Marek Zając – Diego Martinez – Jakub Tomizek
Ecovat (The Netherlands): Ruud van den Bosch
HeatVentors (Hungary): Zoltan Andrassy 
Savosolar (Finland): Jari Varjotie

The transition to a 100% renewable, decarbonised energy system is possible - even for cities exposed to cold Nordic climates. Through the proposal of Team Sustainable Heat Coalition – including six European companies and their complementary technologies - Helsinki will be the first to showcase this with their district heating (DH) network. We will deliver 1039 GWh of CO2-free, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly solar thermal energy per year to the citizens of Helsinki, while maintaining existing levels of indoor climate comfort.

The project will provide solar thermal heat with flat plate collectors and concentrated solar heat, not adding extra combustion technologies to the system. Using large-scale storage, up to 33% of the total solar thermal energy collected per annum will be stored, allowing the system to operate year-round. Decentralised heat storage facilities will add day-to-day flexibility to the system and reduce peak demands, achieving an annual cumulative system demand reduction of up to 8.9%. A real-time intelligent district heating platform will allow Helsinki's DH network to be smartly and remotely managed and citizen engagement will be stimulated through gamification. By adopting these proposed measures, Helsinki will be able to reduce its DH network’s CO2 emissions by an impressive 78% by 2030 compared to current levels.

This no-regret solution can be implemented, integrated and financed in a modular and scalable manner. Starting implementation with an entry-level system will allow for rapid deployment, economies of scale and a project management strategy that mitigates any technical, financial, or governance risks.

The proposed solution is highly sustainable, cost competitive, technically feasible and has a high degree of social acceptance. Helsinki will be able to significantly decrease its import dependency on fossil fuels and provide a much higher degree of certainty for future operational costs. Through this front-running project, Helsinki will serve as an example of sustainable urban heating for other cities worldwide.

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