Use it Or Lose It

Northern Tanker Company: Tom Sommardal – Truls Evensen – Satish Kumar – Nikolai Solovjov – Tapio Kivilehto

USE IT OR LOSE IT provides a sustainable continuous CO2-free energy supply of 1000 MW, for the Helsinki District Heating System. The solution is based on the usage of reliable ice-classed shuttle tankers running on LNG (liquified natural gas) or LBG (liquified biogas) to transport hot water to Helsinki from waste heat sources where it cannot be directly utilized, without a need to invest in pipelines for the heat transfer. 

The low-temperature waste heat from the sources will be heated up to 95–100°C using effective heat pumps onboard a ship placed at the nearby heat sources in Kilpilahti (1000 MW potential) or Loviisa (1000 MW or higher potential). The effective heat pumps (having a COP of 4,5) are running on clean shore electricity. The shuttle tankers will load the heat at the heat pump ship at the heat source.

The tankers to be used are reliable shuttle tankers either from Finland´s National Emergency Supply Agencies ice-classed tanker fleet or similar tonnage available in the second-hand market. Such vessels could be used for another 15-20 more years after they have been phased out of the existing oil trade.  The transport time is 5–7 hours, and each shuttle tanker can provide up to 1000 MW hot water energy at 95-100°C to the district heating system for about 4 hours in Helsinki. The shuttle tankers can also be used as energy batteries when required. 

The number of shuttle tankers and heat pump ships will be optimized and can be implemented in stages based on the actual energy need in Helsinki. Our patented insulation system will be used for insulating the cargo tanks of the shuttle tankers. This will maintain the hot water temperature almost unchanged during the voyage.  

With this low-risk flexible system, it will be possible to deliver the heat to Helsinki for a cost of about 30 €/MWh during the cold period from October-April and then stop it and lay up the shuttle tankers and move the heat pump ship to Helsinki from the heat source to produce cooling for Helsinki during the warm season.

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