Helsinki is the perfect place to create sustainable urban heating solutions for the future.

Here is why: 

  • We are 100% on board: The Finnish energy sector is shifting to low-carbon systems, and the need for the shift is accepted by all relevant stakeholders. The City of Helsinki and the Finnish Government have announced the same goal – to be carbon neutral by 2035.

  • We are just the right size: The scope of the Helsinki Energy Challenge allows for a range of solutions, from large to small scale, to be put forward. As a city, Helsinki is big enough but not too big for efficient implementation of new solutions.

  • We play fair: The Finnish energy sector operates according to market conditions; the heating market is not heavily regulated. All solutions can compete on equal terms.

  • We are cold: A cold climate provides a perfect platform to innovate future energy solutions. If a solution works here, it works anywhere.

  • We share our data openly: Helsinki has released public data as open data to help create new services and business opportunities, as well as to support research and development. Open data is available for diverse areas such as district heating power (hourly data), housing, the built environment, weather and transport.

  • We are dedicated to smarter cities: Helsinki is a hotspot for integrating smart and clean solutions with city functions. All stakeholders – universities, public research institutes, businesses, the City and citizens – are engaged in and committed to making Helsinki smarter and cleaner.

  • The City of Helsinki owns 100% of Helen Ltd., the producer and distributor of district heating in Helsinki. Both the City and its energy company are committed to finding sustainable solutions to heat the city during decades to come.